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Hello Oldwestbrookians and Friends!  

Lynette Clayton (nee Mansie) was assistant Matron at Westbrook House School in the early 1960's and has submitted Anecdotes
and School photo from the Summer of 1963  ( Later in 1963 September, I arrived at the school). 

Also Peter Mellor, Stewart Fincham and Nigel P. have submitted answers to my questions.

Here are the links: 

Anecdotes :

Slide show:

1963  Summer photo:

Many thanks to Lynette, Peter, Nigel and Stewart!    

Another short film will be posted in the near future:

Best wishes to all!

David-Michael Dunbar

OWS Visit to Westbrook House School

 7th July 2009

Hi Moose, (David-Michael)

Those attending included -

Nigel  (had my camera) 
Rod Pittam (found "treasures" described below) 
Peter Mellor (with large camera) 
Timmy Metcalf (white check shirt) 
Peter Goddard (had the keys for the buildings)

We found a box of film (Super 8 type) of 1980s sports (Dover College Junior School) and a basket of trophies (DCJS), a bit of St Mary Westbrook paperwork and gained access to Groupie's bedsit above the workshop. Pictures of the day's visit are coming thick and fast to your gmail account. More will follow. Peter will be giving us a couple of plaques from the walls and opening up the hall and sports cabin for us to sift through anything that might still be lurking there.

Any probs with the pics - drop me a line.

























OWS News more photos: page 2

David Ackroyd  Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 4:39 PM


RE: Westbrook house school


OH, THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING. Horrible for the teachers and parents. Bit short notice though.


Just a thought. I was / still am Chairman of my public school Old Boys Association. The school went through bad times and we thought that it would go under for lots of reasons. I set up a web site with some money that we had in a trust. In the end the school survived but in a different form. This means that what ever happens to only bricks and mortar, WE the OLD BOYS of the school live on. We keep in touch as ever before. We share a lot still together and I think evolve which is essential. One of our number died not long ago. I was told straight away and we sent someone to the funeral and a letter to the widow. Another was wondering what to do with a problem in life, we put all of our thoughts together. It is like an exclusive club. The school has changed so very much that we do not really go back. We keep in very close contact.


This should now happen to our Westbrook. We must sort out the web site so that we can use a letter box system. Over to you David-Michael.


We must get the museum bits at all costs.


Still suggest an annual / biannual get together.


Let’s hope that someone gets the old place up and running again. The fabric of the place was A1 when we all went around it. I think that the dust needs to clear.

Keep me informed


David Ackroyd




Dear All,

Please pass on the dreadful news that the old school has been closed, it's 1968 all over again!

Please visit this site ( and leave a message of support to the Westbrook Parents who are trying to re-establish the school elsewhere in Folkestone and start again. Also, keep an eye on the Old Westbrookians' site.

We need to pull together now, let's not forget our great school!

Many thanks,


Josh Whiten ( - "I am sure you will all be saddenned to hear of the decision by Roger De Haan to close Westbrook House School 2 days ago. All children have been left with no school o go to in september including the Year 6 who are due to sit their Kent Test 2 weeks into next term, but now have nowehere to sit the test and no school to support appeals. There's more views and information at".

OWS Committee ( - "Once again the school is facing a bleak future. WJ has done a great job turning it around and bringing the standards up to a level that the school , the pupils and their parents can be justifiably proud of. It seems that's not enough - rumours abound of the site being leveled, in fact the entire corner of Shorncliffe Road and Ravenlea Road, for redevelopment. The school, will become a virtual one and this website will become its "memory". We need more than ever your memories/photos/documents of your time at the school between its foundation in 1947 to the present day under the great WJ. Let's not forget a great institution and yet another Folkestone landmark that's being consigned to the skip of history....."

Hello Oldwestbrookians and Friends,

We have the long awaited 1964 Cricket team photo sent in by Michael Foster, scroll down to the bottom of the page to view it:
Thanks a bunch Michael!

Also a short film of: The Timmy Metcalfe Sports Day video 1965.

"Fencing Display"

Part one.

More film clips to follow shortly.

The OWS Committee meeting was on 6th May 2008 at Wards Hotel, we will be sending you details of this meeting soon.

We had a hard winter here in Canada and my family and I are so glad to see the spring arrive here at last!

Best Wishes to all!


Westbrook House School

News from OFFICE/Oldwestbrookians :
Time: 3:26pm (Canadian Time)

Here's some news on research progress -

1. I've sent the first draft of the history of the Foster family to Angus Foster for correction, comment and addition.

2. Angus Foster sent me a copy of the family tree that his father had put together showing the link between Fozzie and Captain James Cook! (I'd like some help from someone to draw up the Foster family tree in a form that could be published. I've put a lot of the tree on the net at for viewing by selected friends. I've put your name on it as a contributor.

3. I've received a copy of a booklet from Leeds University which links Robert J Foster (Fozzie's father) with the flax industry in Selby before WW1.

4. I've also received some blurb on Warren Hill School in Eastbourne where it was rumoured that Fozie taught in the late 1920s-1930s. He's mentioned as teaching geography, science & maths!

the next stage will be the staff and finally I'm going to knit the whole thing together with OWS memories, photos, documents etc.

Of course I still need OWS memories especially of the early period and of the last couple of years of Fozzie's reign (1966-68). I also need help with Ordnance Survey maps of the Shorncliffe Road area, the legal side of the purchase by Fozzie of leases and buildings, photos of Fozzie and a link to the Mallard family.

The year 2007 brought our society so many unexpected blessings. We celebrated the founding of Westbrook House School, and the visit I'm sure, bonded everyone closer than ever before. Our membership has gone up, we also received many photo's, Anecdotes, Memorabilia and even a film!

As part of the New Year's celebration, our committee plan to sit down and review our goals for 2008.

I also want to set aside some time to simply be grateful for all the love and support we have received. Thank you for the kind wishes you have sent throughout the year. Without you, none of this would be possible. On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to wish you and your family a happy 2008.

Best Wishes!

David-Michael Dunbar

This is my sister Sarah and I around 1965.

Sarah went to school at St. Mary's, while I went to Westbrook House further down the street.

We were staying with our Aunties and Uncles in London when this was taken, we were told to cover our knee's as they were dirty!
David-Michael Dunbar


Old Westbrookians’ Society 1947 - 1968


Present: Nigel Pittam (OWS Secretary), David Gordon (OWS Membership Secretary),
Tim Lawrence, Peter Goddard.
Apologies for absence: Peter Mellor (OWS Hon Chairman), Richard Beaugie, Michael Eaton
First of all, on behalf of the OWS Committee, I would like to wish the Head Master, Mr
Washington-Jones, pupils past & present, as well as current & former members of staff, a
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

1. It was decided to establish a separate email address for the purposes of committee
matters only :
2. As regards the OWS Identity : DLG proposed that we use the Tudor Rose formerly
used to embellish the cards (see above) sent out by KNG Foster at Christmas - but
minus a scroll.
This was generally accepted.
3. The postal address : c/o Westbrook House Preparatory School
4. It has been proposed by our webmaster, David-Michael Dunbar, that we present a
photographic portrait of Kenneth Foster to the school - to be hung in the hallway.
Various enquiries are underway as to sourcing a negative or transparency of sufficient
No problems there.
5. Mr Washington-Jones has asked the OWS to design and present an award - not to be
given lightly - which best exemplifies what can only be described as the ‘Spirit of
Westbrook House’.
It was agreed that this honour should take the form of some type of enamel badge –
the Old Westbrookians’ are working on it's design as I write....
A description of just what it is that this "spirit" entails was considered by all present to
be too esoteric to put into words!

c/o Westbrook House Preparatory School
54-56 Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2NB
Tel: OWS Secretary, Nigel Pittam on 01303 251280

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit

6. A suggestion was made that the OWS be split into two divisions - albeit closely
associated - with a sub-site for the post-'68 Dover Junior/St Mary's Westbrook
period; thus preserving historical "continuity" and enabling both sections of the OWS
community to be better served by allowing members to concentrate on their own
eras....this appeared largely acceptable.
7. A proposal for a school magazine was also put forward; one which would emphasise the
proud traditions of the school and, indeed, include a historical section.
8. Somebody suggested that Michael Eaton would make an excellent Treasurer. This was
unanimously accepted in his absence, but we await his own comments/acceptance or
Incidentally, funds are accumulating, largely owing to a generous contribution from the
sales of Charles Whitney's book.
9. It appears that there is consensus regarding the desirability of preserving the coachhouse;
availability of funds for such a worthy cause remain, however, a topic for future
debate. My suggestion that we approach the Lottery Fund was met with howls of
derisive laughter! However, I know we all share fond memories of the carpentry
workshop; of the Group Captain's quarters.
10. Finally, Peter Goddard stepped forward as the latest addition to the Old Westbrookians
cricket team - there was even a rumour that Roger himself might captain the
team....we're going to thrash those Old Etonians
11. Next meeting will be advised in the New Year.

Should you wish to comment on these minutes or add anything, please contact Nigel (see
his details on first page).

(note: Yukesh dad is Gurkha RSM currently on acive service in Afghanistan: his Major was recently killed by car bomb).:

Dear Old Westbrookians
As Head Boy and Head Girl we are writing to thank you for visiting our School on your Reunion Day. We liked it when you came round our classes and when you spoke to us in the playground. All our class were saying that it made us feel funny to think that one day we may come back to look around when we are mummies and daddies ourselves! Please come and visit us again.
Yours respectfully,
Holly Masterson & Yukesh Gurung

KNG Foster Summer 1968

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"Dear Old Westbrookians It was an absolute pleasure and delight to have you here with us last Friday! It was wonderful to share memories with you and to hear you reminisce. This is today an exceptionally happy school and I now fully understand that that happiness is rooted firmly in the past. However, everything is a learning experience and I realised that I had not allowed enough time for the day - my sincere apologies for having to hurry you along, but I am sure you will understand that I had to balance your visit with the daily life of a busy Prep School. The next Reunion will be in 5 years time in June 2012. As I have just had my 60th birthday it may well be that THAT Reunion marks the day that I myself become an Old Westbrookian! In the meantime if any of you in groups of 2, 3 or 4 would like to join me for lunch, I would relish the opportunity to pick your brains about the past days of this truly wonderful school. With sincere best wishes from this Headmaster - and from that First Founding Headmaster! Yours very sincerely, W-J PS One of your number - he shall remain nameless - has today sent me a generous cheque with which to buy all the staff and children an ice-cream. We have today ordered 150 mixed ices: what crazy, wonderful people you are! N Washington-Jones - Headmaster my mobile number for lunch bookings : 07967 320 660

To Visit 60th Reunion web pages, click on the above photo.

60th Reunion June/8/2007 photos are now open to view! Click on the LINKS below

Please send your OLD WESTBROOKIAN REUNION Photo's at the email address below. If possible "captioned"


David-Michael Dunbar


60th Reunion June 8th 2007


Some members of our OWS Committee:-

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket