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From: Michael Foster
Date: Oct 27, 2007 2:36 PM
Subject: Re: Westbrook House memorabilia
To: Nigel


One from the archives, I remember this team got thrashed by the Duke of Yorks in Deal but the egg and chips afterwards were excellent!.......................the cricket one seems to have been misplaced, may yet turn up!

I had forgotten about Tormore - definitely an unsporting bunch - at least we were encouraged to believe so!

Hello Michael,

Thanks for getting back to me; David Dunbar will be delighted to receive your school photos, I'll tell him tonight.
I'm going to explore my Dad's attic at the week-end and, who knows, we might find that legendary photograph from '64.
I want to get up there because I saw on the Antiques Roadshow that my Dinky and Corgi toys are worth thousands; I've
got about 400 of them stashed - mint and boxed, too - I used my brother's cars in the playground.

I know what you mean about the Kent countryside: when I was teaching Jap slappers in Tokyo, I used to dream about the White Cliffs Of Dover. It seems strange to have come full circle, to walk past the old school every day; so many ghosts.

Don't worry, I realize you are a busy man, Michael; when you're ready the wicket-keeping slot is yours.
If my memory serves, wasn't it Tormore who used to thrash us? I remember being stumped by one of their bowlers at his end - I was just too keen to get the thirteen runs required to beat the blighter's, during a last wicket stand.
This type of dismissal is considered grossly unsporting, of course, and their headmaster wrote a cringing letter of apology to KNG - I remember him reading it out one breakfast-time.

Thanks again
Keep in touch


On 10/25/07, Michael Foster wrote:

Hi Nigel,

I know I have been terrible at keeping in touch since the reunion in the summer.......

Angus and I had a good w/end in the Folkestone area visiting old haunts and generally going down memory lane. We were lucky with the weather and generally loved to see the Kent countryside again - it is amazing that even living in London how one forgets these things. It seems along time ago already.

I have tried to dig out old photos and have a few framed (in the bathroom of course) but the famous cricket one (summer 1964)seems to have been "lost" during house moves. I will extract the framed ones and scan them this w/end and forward by email.

As for the cricket team..............I am desperately trying to extradite myself from the rigors and stresses of running ones own business and once this has been achieved I would be more than happy to join you all against the old Bettshangers, Milner Court and Friars crowd.........I seem to remember we always beat the latter!

Best wishes, Michael

From: Nigel
To: Michael Foster
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 10:47 PM
Subject: Westbrook House memorabilia

Hello Michael,

It was good to see you and Angus after all these years; I hope that you both enjoyed yourselves at the re-union - and managed to find a decent Italian restaurant afterwards.
Did you get to see any photos of the occasion on the website?

Mr Washington-Jones has agreed to hold this re-union every two years (at the week-end ); he has also consented to afford us full use of the playing field and pavilion for the purposes of the Old Westbrookians Cricket eleven: I have been in contact with Old Tormoreans, Bettshangers and, to make it more interesting, the Old Etonians.
Unfortunately, we're five players short and may be forced to fall back on Charles Hawtrey types like Tony Fox - who, in spite of being a prominent weed , is remarkably keen.
John Cornwall , who was captain when you and me were in the 1st eleven, has expressed an interest - so get those wicket-keeping gloves out Michael.......

Bye for now



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1964 Cricket Team

Message from: Michael Foster
Date: Sun, May 4, 2008 at 5:11 PM
Subject: Re: Westbrook House memorabilia


At last, dug out from a cupboard.............the 1964 Cricket team photo (attached). Not sure I would have recognised you!

Best wishes, Mike

Message from: Nigel
To: Michael Foster
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 9:47 PM
Subject: Re: Westbrook House memorabilia

Hello Michael

Great photo, the years just fell away when I saw it; Justin Hatfield was in my class at DC - he's still around and his brother, Ivo.
And David Freedman (his Father was a famous professor in the States); I remember witnessing him being stabbed in the back with a pair of nail scissors by David Elliott - he was at the re-union....

Yes, the Duke of Yorks - they were suspiciously mature for their age; I reckon about fifteen because most of them had moustaches.
It was one of the joys of being in a team, wasn't it? The teas away from home.

I'm off up to Lillywhites, next week, trying to get them to sponsor our team - and pay for the kit.

Thanks again
Catch you later


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